Every other Friday Night at 18 hrs in a home near you is a group of people, sharing and connecting with each other, studying the word of God with some food and fellowship.  Here you will get to know people from our church on a more personal level.  Choose the one nearest your location. They are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Daniel and Namposia

Napsa Housing Complex

Between Leopard and Buluwe road


Gershom and Chipasha

HS #55 Boli St

Libala Stage 1


Sam and Doreen

HS #19 Munjili Rd

Chilenje South


Mukopa and Matanki

Louis and Brenda

Plot Number 14977/M/C/2

Libala South 


Hs #33 Topaz Rd Off Tokyo Way (Ring Rd)


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